chambers of gas separator


A few of the multiple chambers inside tool

30, 60', 90', 120', 150'


  • 2 3/8" X-3 - Standard
  • 2 7/8" X-3 - Standard
  • 3 1/2" X-3 - Standard
  • 3 1/2" X6-C - Standard

  • Designed for rod-pumped wells
  • Well suited for high and low fluid levels
  • Excellent for wells with high production  of gas and oil  
  • Typically delivers >95% pump fillage
  • Our Technology is based on multi- cylinder units that provide a multiplication of cross-sectional area to slow fluids below bubble rise velocity. In many cases we use as many as 40, 50, or 60 cylinders.
  • This tool is designed for rod pump applications, it has specific features that allow the technology to work even in gas slugging wells.
  • Manufactured 100% in the USA

Predator Tools Logo Patented Est. 2015

Predator Tool is looking for companies who wish to increase their efficiency and increase their oil production. Our tool is proven, hands down, to be the best downhole separator in the oil & gas business. We stand behind our product with the ONLY guarantee in the industry. Predator has tested, tried, and proven this new technology over the last four years. Research and development of this technology out-performs all currently known gas separators on the market. 

The World’s First Guaranteed Downhole Gas Separator!

“Our separator will out-perform any other separator on the market! We give you a 30 day NO risk guarantee: if our separator doesn’t work - we don’t bill!”

“We are not in the business of giving away our tools!”

Predator Separators work in many types of applications including Shrouded ESP, PCP, and gas lift applications; we can custom build for these. Rod pumping is our specialty - We win every time!

Gary Marshall, CEO/Developer

Cell (432) 258-3665

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