Multiple Technological Breakthroughs

Predator Tools Downhole Gas Separators leverage several technologies either not explored, or underutilized by other separator manufacturers.

Everything you need to minimize gas interference.

An amazing new gas separator technology.

Predator Tools Patented Downhole Gas Separators are actually multiple miniture separators, working in parallel to maximize gas separation inside a single tool. Combined with a powerful gas slug eliminator and a solids management system; Predator Tools Downhole Gas Separators are demonstrably the best, downhole gas separator in the market!

Off Cylinder Gas

The off-gas chamber allows extremely high volumes of gas to bypass the separator.  The result is a separator that can remain effective even in horizontal wells that produce slugs.

Eue collar on Shaft

Solids Management

Predator Tools Downhole Gas Separators' solids management system allows solids to settle into a dead space built into the tool. For applications with high solids content, Predator Tools recommends a third-party solids tool.

Slight Solids Management System

Higher Pump Fillage

Typically Predator Tools Downhole Gas Separator deliver above 95% pump fillage.

Higher Efficiency

Most wells can be run with larger pumps and/or lower SPM.

Eliminate Fluid Pound

Predator Tools Downhole Gas Separator can help you eliminate fluid pound due to gas interferrence.

Extremely High Liquids Capacity

The Predator Tools Downhole Separator remains effective at liquid rates above 1000 BPD. 

Massive Gas Flow Rates

The Predator Tools Downhole Gas Separator remains effective in applications producing above 2MMCFD.

Insensitivity to Placement

While there is a preferred placement location for the Predator Tools Downhole Gas Separator in every well, it remains effective in almost all installation locatiions, even when landed directly in the perfs.

Multiple Separators in One Tool

Predator Tools Downhole Gas Separator use multiple, independent cylinders to separate well fluids. The result is a separator capable of remaining effective in even high flow and high GLR well applications.

Multiple Separators In One Tool

Most Effective Separator?

Depends on how you measure it.

Whether you measure the effectiveness of a gas separator in terms of percent of production potential, annualized maintenence costs, or some other metric, the Predator Tools Downhole Gas Separators blow away the competition!

Predator Tools Downhole Gas Separator is the most efficient Separator on the market

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